Gypsy Jumpsuit Montauk Raindrop
Gypsy Jumpsuit Montauk Raindrop

Gypsy Jumpsuit Montauk Raindrop

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DISCOVER YOUR GODDESS in our best-selling Jumpsuit that also converts into a dress, perfect for travel or leisure! It’s the one piece you buy for a tropical beach vacay and end up living in all summer! Join the thousands of women who have fallen in love with the comfort, effortless beauty and feeling of bold empowerment in these exotic statement pieces. Boho island styles that are romantic and travel inspired with incredible versatility provide many solutions for women of all ages and sizes. Our collection of prints is inspired by nature and ocean using contemporary and ancestral dyeing techniques of Bali and come in the softest of rayons that keep you so cool and dry and that drape like water and float like air against your body.
Made in Indonesia
Has Pockets!

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